If you’re a fan of watching your favourite celebs tackle the spiciest of wings on ‘Hot Ones,’ tune in. Vancouverite Finn Wolfhard was just on the latest episode, and the actor had a lot to say about his hometown.

Produced by First We Feast and Complex Media, ‘Hot Ones’ is a YouTube talk show hosted by Sean Evans where guests answer questions as they attempt to consume spicy chicken wings in increasing spice levels.

Like the other Stranger Things cast members, Finn Wolfhard was a breakout star of the show as a child. What fans might not know is that he wrote, starred, and directed a slasher film called Hell of a Summer last year.

The actor is even in a band called The Aubreys alongside Malcolm Craig, who he’s played music with since they were both 11 years old. No pun intended!

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Here’s what Wolfhard had to say about his hometown.

When asked about what he meant when he said that he could not imagine making music in anything other than “a Vancouver state of mind,” the actor shares his love for the city’s natural beauty.

“I feel like it’s a place where I can get bored and just go out in nature,” Wolfhard says after biting into his second wing. “I can just kind of walk around and get inspired.”

He also shares his deep appreciation for Vancouver’s oldest independent record storeNeptoon Records on Main.

“That record store is amazing because the guy who owns it has this huge vintage poster collection. So if you go into the basement, he has all these incredible first-print posters that he’s just been collecting since the ’60s.”

Growing up in Hollywood North

In regards to how growing up in ‘Hollywood North’ shaped his career path, Wolfhard recalls what was filming in the area during his childhood.

“I remember that Twilight would come to Vancouver every year because they would film a new movie. I remember them shooting by my house. It definitely had an impact on how I looked at getting an audition,” he explains. “As a kid, it was very tangible because they would shoot so many commercials. I had friends in elementary school that would show up to open casting calls – it was a very normal thing.”

Evans then proceeds to question Wolfhard about the “GOAT school field trip” students take in Vancouver, to which the pair both agree starts with Science World.

“Science World was incredible. There’s also a gold mining place called Britannia Mines that is about an hour away. You kind of feel like a pirate because you’re going through the dirt and mining for fool’s gold.”

Finally, Wolfhard echoes many Vancouverites’ sentiments with a shout-out to his all-time favourite Canadian athlete, Roberto Luongo.

“He was such a huge figure for us growing up, and so synonymous with Vancouver because of his time with the Canucks. That’s who I always think of when I think of Vancouver athletes.”

So there you have it Vancouver. Now all we need is for Ryan Reynolds to get back on ‘Hot Ones’!