Whales are a welcomed and beloved sight in Washington. Normally Washingtonians are able to catch glimpses of killer or orca whales but this past week, a rare sighting of a fin whale happened right here in Seattle. Onlookers got to see a species that rarely comes inland due to its massive size, let’s check it out.

The Pacific Whale Watch Association confirmed last Thursday that the whale spotted off North Seattle in Puget Sound was indeed a fin whale. It took a few days of deliberation, multiple photos from onlookers, and second opinions from experts to determine just what this mystery whale was. When it was agreed that the whale in question was a fin whale, all parties were pleasantly surprised.

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These whales are the world’s second-longest species of whale, topped only by the blue whale. Fin whales can be found in oceans across the world but it is rare that they swim inland to bodies of water like the Puget Sound. This fact only makes last week’s sighting that much more special.

The whale may still be near Seattle in Puget Sound so be sure to keep your eyes peeled. How great would it be to start your Monday off with a rare whale sighting? Have a great week Seattle.