A brand new nationwide event is coming to Canada this April and it’s a celebration of Filipino cuisine. From April 1st to the 30th, restaurants from Quebec to British Columbia will participate in Filipino Restaurant Month for the very first time.

The new festival, presented by Philippine Department of Tourism (PDOT) and the Philippine Consulate General in Calgary, will allow Canadians to experience Filipino cuisine in a whole new way.

“Participating restaurants will feature Filipino prix fixe menus that highlight the unique variety of Filipino food, ingredients, chefs, and restaurants throughout Canada,” according to a press release about the event.

“Filipino food is integral to the country’s diverse culture with each region having their own unique and traditional recipes that are passed on from generation to generation,” it says.

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Diners will get to try everything related to Filipino cuisine, including traditional dishes like Adobo and dining experiences like the Kamayan finger food feast.

Not only that, but customers will have a chance to win local and national prizes while dining at participating restaurants, from $25 vouchers to a vacation in the Philippines.

The participating restaurants are located all over the country, with 10 of them in Alberta, 8 in Ontario, 5 in British Columbia, 3 in Québec, and 1 in Saskatchewan. A full list will be released closer to the start of April.

“Through our various dishes, we hope to inspire Canadians to explore Filipino foods and through cuisine, develop a better appreciation for our culture,” said Consul General Zaldy Patron.

Patron hopes that Filipino Restaurant Month will benefit Canadians both culturally and economically. Not only will it introduce Filipino cuisine to the mainstream but it will also increase support for local businesses and suppliers.

Any excuse to go out and experience delicious local eats, you can definitely count us in. Our mouths are watering already!