You know a brand means serious business when it promises to take your cannabis-shopping experience to a whole new level. And it diligently delivers on that promise. That’s been the case with FIKA Herbal Goods, who have just made history by opening up a new store in Union Station. In fact, it’s the world’s first cannabis store at a major transportation hub! 

The brand created waves when it launched its first flagship store in the Distillery District. Thanks to their intuitive store design and impeccable consumer experience. And they repeated history with the following 16 more stores across Ontario. But with their latest one, they seem to have out-Fika-ed themselves.


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The brand recently launched its 18th store in Ontario in the beating heart of TO, aka Union Station.

FIKA has an awesome loyalty program where guests are invited to sign up to receive exclusive access to a number of member-only shopping  deals, special offers, informative news including access to private events, unlock special gifts and more. 

Your rewards can even be tracked on the FIKA Rewards App found on the Apple App store or Google Play store! 

Some of the key features in FIKA’s shops include:

The Express Bar


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This section is unique to Union Station and features top-selling items for a quick purchase. While The Express Bar is what sets the Union store apart from the others, it also features all the iconic FIKA offerings—

Catering to commuting guests heading to or returning to an event. 

The Flower Bar

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Living up to its easy-to-browse reputation, the bar is organized left to right by strain type and top to bottom by THC strength. This is where you’ll find bespoke magnifying domes that showcase cannabis flower.

The Vape and Pre-roll Bar


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You will find vapes and pre-rolls in these sections. Each cartridge and pre-roll is displayed out of its packaging in individual display cases. So, you can see exactly what you’re buying.

The Tuck Shop

fika herbal goods union station cannabis
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The Tuck Shop has quite an assortment of cannabis-infused chocolate, gummies, concentrates, and cold beverages.

The FIKA Ambassadors

FIKA Ambassadors are at the heart of FIKA. They are well educated on all things cannabis and will confidently speak to their guests to ensure they have a successful shopping experience.  Check out for more details about the brand.

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Where: 65 Front St W unit 405