March is hot on our heels and so is another International Women’s Day, a celebration of those who raised us, befriended us, educated us and entertained us.

From songwriters and reality stars to fashion icons and actresses, some artists have had a major impact on us – but which celebrity did those in Canada feel most drawn to?

In a new report published by, the Most Searched Female Celebrities in Canada were revealed from province to province and it may surprise you!

Before we get into things, though, it’s important to note how they compiled their list and why a popular star is missing from it.

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“In February 2024 we conducted an analysis of Google Search trends across each state in the US and province/territory in Canada to identify the most searched-for female celebrities,” they explained. 

“Due to Taylor Swift’s overwhelming popularity and unanimous win across both countries, she was omitted from the dataset. The search queries encompassed data from the past 12 months.”

So, who were those in the Great North fascinated by this year?

According to the gambling site, Miley Cyrus topped the charts in four regions including BC, New Brunswick, Ontario and the Yukon, in addition to winning her first-ever Grammy this year!

Second to the Flowers singer? Britney Spears, who released a memoir titled ‘The Woman in Me’ back in October of 2023.

As for the other celebrities mentioned? Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Anniston, Dolly Parton and fellow Canuck, Alanis Morissette, who captivated fans in Newfoundland and Labrador.

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Did your favourite female celebrity make the list for Canada?

Let us know and make sure you send, your mom, your boss, your friend or yourself some flowers on March 8th, 2024.

Happy International Women’s Day!