Made entirely of ice and snow, Quebec’s Hotel De Glace is by far, Canada’s most unique hotel. Unfortunately, many won’t’ get the chance to check it out this year in person, not only because we were advised not to travel, but also because it’s honestly expensive AF.

This sucks, but don’t you fret! Luckily, though we won’t be able to sit at the bar or sleep on a frozen bed, we can still virtually explore the ice palace!

Thanks to their incredibly detailed 3D tour, “guests” can actually wander the chilly halls, go in and out of rooms, explore the lobby area and check out the amenities all with just a few clicks!

From jellyfish ice chandeliers to their in-hotel forest, we can almost guarantee that you’ll spend far longer than you anticipated oggling the little things… because that’s exactly what we did.

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Despite not getting to experience the cold, there is s0 much to see and a ton to appreciate, so we would highly recommend checking it out! If afterward, you’re still curious and want to see more, you can also visit their official website here – but be warned. Pretty comes at a price, and she’s an absolute beaut.


Where: 2280 Valcartier Boulevard Valcartier, QC