As if the Alberta Rockies were not already a place of whimsy, excitement and adventure, the Accor Hospitality ground, in cooperation with The Fairmont are about to launch their ‘Beyond LIMITS collection – a series of unique experiences guests can enjoy for a limited time starting this month.

Whether you’re checking in to Banff’s Castle in the Rockies or the chateau on Canada’s most beautiful lake, these excursions are sure to delight and inspire you to indulge, breathe and treat yourself to the finer things!

“When everyone and everything in the travel space claims to be ‘luxurious’, the term loses its genuine value as a point of exclusivity and differentiation,” said Jeff Doane, Chief Commercial Officer, Accor.

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“With ‘Beyond LIMITS’, we are able to redefine luxury, by challenging the norms of what is expected. We pushed ourselves and our teams to go beyond everything that had been done before, and the result is a collection of experiences that are highly inventive and exclusive, that must actually be seen to be believed. That is ‘Beyond LIMITS’.”


Inhale and exhale the purest air this winter at the Banff Spring Hotel. Described as a cliffside oxygen bar, take in the view (and a whole lot of everyone’s favourite element) from 7,000 feet up in the air. The crazy part? Only 8 guests will be granted access per day.

When: Thursday, January 12th – January 24th, 2023


Surrounded by trees, nature and 9 other guests, enjoy an intimate culinary experience that celebrates both fire and ice. Held in a tiny log cabin overlooking Lake Louise, travellers will share an incredible Japanese-style meal cooked by a master chef and then served fireside.

When: Thursday, January 19th – February 16th, 2023


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Interested? You can book a ‘Beyond LIMITS’ experience now! And if you’re an ALL – Accor Live Limitless member, consider using your rewards points!

In addition to the standard 5% off, ALL members can receive up to an extra 25% off (depending on their chosen experience) as long as they book before the above date – so hurry!

You’re in for something incredibly special!