Alright, so video chatting apps have pretty much become our lifeline these days. Seriously, if we’d have known what was coming we would have made a serious investment in Zoom. Well, now another one has joined the playing field and it’s from Facebook! It’s called Messenger Rooms and it is a brand new way to stay connected with your friends.

So you might be wondering why you should care. With the 849302 other video chatting platforms out there, who needs another? Well, this one is a little different. It takes elements of Zoom and Houseparty and combines them.

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Yup, with this platform you don’t have to worry about if now’s a good time to call your buds. You just start a chat room and people are welcome to join whenever they’d like! When you start the room you just share the link with whoever you’re inviting in and you’re all set! Plus, there are tons of privacy settings so you don’t have to worry about party crashers.

So there ya have it. Thanks to Facebook we’ve all got a brand new way to connect! The app launched on desktop and mobile yesterday. So if you don’t mind us, we’ve got some calls to make…