Bundle up, friends! The City of Toronto has issued an extreme cold weather alert as temperatures plunge into frigid territory.

This alert is issued by Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health when temperatures reach -15°C or colder, or a wind chill of -20°C or colder.

According to The Weather Network, Toronto will feel like -16°C tonight. But that’s not nearly as cold as it will feel by the end of the week.

By Friday, February 3rd, the daytime high will be -14°C, feeling like a bone-chilling -23°C.

The Weather Network says “the most potent lobe of the polar vortex” is to blame for the plummeting temperatures in Canada.

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Photo via The Weather Network

In eastern Ontario, the weather will be even more severe with -30°C wind chills to kick off the weekend.

The cold weather can be dangerous for anyone who isn’t dressed in appropriate clothing.

But, it is especially risky for certain groups of people, says the City of Toronto.

That includes people with pre-existing heart conditions or chronic respiratory illness, older adults, infants and young children, and people who work or do physical activity outside for extended periods.

There are many ways to stay prepared, though.

The City says to cover as much exposed skin as possible, wear waterproof and wind proof outer layers, and choose wool, silk or polypropylene inner layers.

“Make sure to bundle up with extra layers for the foreseeable future,” said The Weather Network.

The weather outlet predicts that southern Ontario won’t get daytime highs above the freezing mark until Wednesday, February 8th.