Wolf Circus, headed up by the Vancouver Island born and raised Fiona Morrison, has gone from a passion project to one of the most well-known jewelry brands in Vancouver. By keeping things local, ethical and affordable, Fiona has built a brand that men and women alike can be proud to wear, wherever they’re going and whatever they’re doing. We were fortunate enough to be able to ask Fiona a few questions about Wolf Circus, from its beginnings to where it’s going now. Enjoy!

1. Just in case some of our readers aren’t familiar with the brand, who and what is Wolf Circus?

Wolf Circus is a line of demi-fine jewelry thoughtfully designed and hand-made in Vancouver, BC. We’re created by, run by, and powered by women — with pieces for you, whoever you choose to be. Wolf Circus aims to inspire others to embrace their confidence during their daily hustle.

2. Prior to starting Wolf Circus, did you have a different plan for your career?

I am not sure what my career plans were – but I definitely didn’t think Wolf Circus would grow into the brand it is today. I was taking Entrepreneurship at UVIC during the time I started, so something business and fashion related were two sectors I was always interested in.

wolf circus vancouver
Photo via Wolf Circus

3. Did you receive a lot of support for the brand from the start? Or was it more of a slow growth scenario?

My friends and family were a huge support however it was definitely a slow growth. I started the brand rather young and self-navigated how to do everything from production to tradeshows and launching in the US market. I think slow growth for a brand is so important as it forces you to discover who your customers really are while being financially savvy along the way.

4. Now in its ninth year as a brand, do you think that Wolf Circus has changed much from when it first started?

Wolf Circus has definitely grown since we first began, starting as a solo jewelry-slanging project selling to friends at university. We are now working with retailers in the US, Japan, and Europe. I think what has stayed the same is how we approach our customer and why we make jewelry. We aim to create items which are wearable yet conversational pieces. Our jewelry is meant to resonate in a personal way with our customers whether it be igniting a memory with our vintage-inspired shapes or through the details of our unique engravings.

wolf circus vancouver
Photo via Wolf Circus

5. We consider Wolf Circus to be a great representation of Vancouver’s creative scene. Does the city influence you at all?

What I love about Vancouver is the ability to leave the city. Like most Vancouverites, I’m rather outdoorsy and surfing, snowboarding, and rock climbing are all apart of my activity roster. I wouldn’t necessarily say that I get the best jewelry inspiration while riding a fun little line in Whistler’s backcountry however it does allow me to take a break and look at the bigger picture. I think also growing up on Vancouver Island has made sustainability an important part of our brand’s ethos and we use recycled bronze and silver in our line to support this.

6. You’ve mentioned that you’re drawn to Matisse, Joan Miro, and Jean Arp. What draws you to these artists? Are there any more that speak to the Wolf Circus aesthetic these days?

I have some Jean Miro posters passed down from my father which I have always brought inspiration. Our most recent collection is very modern 90’s inspired with nostalgic ying-yang shapes and oversized flowers.

wolf circus vancouver
Photo via Wolf Circus

7. Moving on to the people behind Wolf Circus, how important is it to you to have an all-women team? Was that a conscious decision from the get-go or was it more of a natural process?

It was definitely a natural process, as no boys have ever applied!

8. Is the team pretty close? You mention that Wolf Circus is meant for people on the go, do you find yourself going out or exploring with your coworkers often?

Yes, The Wolf Circus team has become such a great family and we are all very supportive of one another. On hot summer afternoons, we will sneak out to all go for a team lake swim and try and do monthly activities like bowling or pottery classes.

wolf circus vancouver
Photo via Wolf Circus

9. We really like the idea of ‘attainable luxury’, and think that it’s the perfect market for those who don’t want to spend a fortune to look and feel good. Are there any other brands that you would describe as ‘attainable luxury’?

Some great other small designers who I love are The Stowe, Pearle Knits, Mary Young and Sonia Lee

Value Village, Community closet and Erin Templeton are also some of my favourite spots for amazing vintage pieces.

10. Do you have any specials plans for the future? Collaborations, more special collections, etc…

We are launching a 14k fine collection called Ok Fine which will launch this spring. Wolf Circus also recently launched a small androgynous collection which we are also very excited about.

If you’ve yet to check out this amazing brand, then follow them on Instagram or head to their website to browse the collection. Thanks again for chatting with us, Fiona!