Everbloom virtual music festival
Via waveland.ca

Canada is the land of many things, and music is one of them. Everbloom is a free, virtual music festival for those who love hip hop and r&b.

Everbloom virtual music festival is hosted by Canadian nonprofit music organization Waveland.

Since 2012, Waveland has been committed to celebrating and empowering the Canadian music scene. They believe that experiencing and engaging with Canadian music is a major contributing factor to sustaining social bonds among communities. Their mission is to help make Canada the incubator for musical talent and contribute towards building more vibrant, positive, and inclusive communities.

Everbloom virtual music festival features 100% Canadian artists, including Sammy Jackson, Zenesoul, Melo Griffith, Lillian Blue Makin, Elyssa Plaza, Ley Vara, Dejuan, Malaika Khadijaa, and MIASALAV.


Date: Friday, April 30th, 2021
Location: Online at EverbloomFestival.com
Time: 7 pm
Cost: FREE