Looking for some outdoor fun this winter? Well, you can’t go wrong with a little bit of skating at Edmonton’s Victoria Park. In late November, both the skating rink and the IceWay were opened for the season! Here’s what you can expect when you head over there.

You can toodle around the oval, or explore the IceWay, which winds through the trees of Victoria Park. Either way, you can enjoy some fresh air and a little bit of exercise day or night! Definitely swing by at least once in the evening, though, so you can check out the light displays.

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Of course, the best part about skating at Victoria Park is that it’s free! Open daily from 10AM-10PM, you’ve gt no excuse to not check out this amazing public amenity. And since it’s public, you’re also asked to observe all public health guidelines, including wearing a mask.

But, we think that wearing a mask is just an added bonus against the wind, so we’re not too concerned about it. After you’re done skating, just grab a little hot chocolate or make some at home to complete the experience.

You’ll be wanting to head back in no time! For more info on skating at Victoria Park, just click here!