For those who wanted to sink a few suds in Edmonton’s parks this summer, we’ve got fantastic news! This morning, Edmonton’s city council approved a citywide public drinking pilot project. Starting later this month, parks along Edmonton’s river valley will have picnic sites that allow public drinking. Here’s what you need to know.

Earlier this year, the city put out an online survey about the pilot project that saw over 15,000 responses, with the majority (71%) in support of the project. From there, city administration looked around the city for potential spaces, and chose the river valley. Why? Well, it’s already got the most staff and oversight, so will be the least stressed by the pilot (in theory).

The new pilot project is set to start on May 28th, and will be in place until October 11th. So, you’ll have the entire summer and a fair portion of the fall to test things out. We suggest you do, since we have a feeling the city will ask for feedback after this summer, too.

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There are a total of 47 picnic sites that have been designated. These are located in a variety of river valley parks, including Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Whitemud, William Hawrelak, Government House, Victoria, Gold Bar, and Rundle. NOt only that, but some sites will be able to be booked in advance, while others will be first come first serve.

So, you can plan a nice little outdoor lunch ahead of time, or try your luck at a local park on the day of! We’re hoping this system helps people share the space properly, and respect what is sure to be some crazy demand this summer. We’re hoping this system leads to more public drinking options around Edmonton, not less.

For more info on Edmonton’s new public drinking pilot project, you can head to the city council website. Please enjoy responsibly, folks!