It’s game day and once again, the Edmonton Oilers will face off against the Dallas Stars in hopes of earning their place in the Stanley Cup Finals – but no matter who scores, you could walk away a winner.

Those who are feeling lucky have one last chance to purchase a ticket for the 50/50 which has officially exceeded $3 Million – so don’t hesitate!

Held in support of the Ben Stetler fund, Alberta Cancer Foundation, and the Kids With Cancer Society, this particular prize will change lives – but there’s more than just the jackpot to look forward to.


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In addition to the Conference Final’s main raffle, you could also snag the Playoff Bonus Jackpot which (at the time of publication) was also nearing $3 million, as well as a ton of early bird prizes.

Looking to toss your hat into the ring?

On Wednesday, May 29th, these treasures include a $5,000 grocery package, $10,000 cash, and a 2024 Ford Maverick.


As long as you’re over the age of 18 and currently live in Alberta, tickets can be purchased in packages of 1, 10, 80, 250 and 550 and start at just $5 each.

Winners for the early bird prizes will be announced after 7:30 pm, while the number for the total main jackpot will be announced at the end of game four, followed by the Total Playoff Bonus Jackpot winner, which will be notified on June 26th, 2024 – so get yours while you can!

Good luck and cross your fingers, Edmonton Oilers fans! 

You could win BIG!