For young and old alike, this is by far the weirdest Halloween we’ve seen. So, some Edmonton communities have decided to make things easier and create their own ‘candy maps’ for trick or treaters around the city. If you’re in charge of trick or treating, or just want to see some spooky decorations, here’s a little more info.

A couple of neighbourhoods, like Oliver, have simply created maps to use on their website. So, we’d recommend that the first thing you do is check in with your own community. That way, you’ll get a list of sanctioned places to visit.

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On the other hand, an open-access map created for Terrace Heights has become a little more than that. Spots have popped up around Capilano, Ottowell and other nearby neighbourhoods. What’s more, some of those who added described what they’re handing out, and how they’re doing it.

So, while Halloween definitely won’t look the same, it’s good to see that some Edmontonians still want to create a safe, spooky and fun experience! We’re a little old to trick or treat, but, we may just have to do a little Halloween decorations tour this week.

Have fun and stay safe out there, folks!