Ready to go waterfalling? This fall, you have to pay a visit to the slice of paradise known as Duchesnay Falls.

Imagine lush forests, rolling landscapes, and the pièce de résistance – a huge waterfall that’s nothing short of mesmerizing.

That’s exactly what you’ll find at this northern Ontario gem, where the water tumbles down rugged cliffs, painting a picture of pure power and beauty.

As you approach Duchesnay Falls, you’re met with the sound of rushing water and refreshing mist against your skin.

Whether you’re a photographer, a nature lover, or someone just seeking a tranquil escape, Duchesnay Falls offers a serene backdrop for all.

Surrounding this natural wonder are Education Centre Trails and viewpoints galore, each one unveiling a different angle of the stunning falls.

Oh, and here’s a little insider tip: if you start your hike from Nipissing University or Canadore College, you can take the scenic route!

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The trail takes you through the woods and across rustic wooden bridges along Duchesnay Creek as it dances down North Bay’s escarpment.

And don’t miss the small lookout tower at the heart of the trail network.

It offers views of Lake Nipissing and the charming Manitou Islands, which are especially breathtaking in the fall.

If you start your waterfall hike from the parking lot on Highway 17, you’ll get the best views of Duchesnay Falls.

This spot isn’t a one-season wonder. When the snow blankets the landscape, local volunteers roll out a network of cross-country ski trails for everyone to enjoy.

So, whether you’re chasing waterfalls or walking in a winter wonderland. Duchesnay Falls will not disappoint.

Come on, nature’s calling – will you answer?

Duchesnay Falls Trails

Where: Off Highway 17, North Bay, Ontario