There’s nothing better than catching a movie on a Saturday night, is there? Anywhere else, the answer would be no – but in Calgary, there is actually one place where you can take your experience from good to great!

This weekend, Calgarians are encouraged to take a drive to Nanton, Alberta where they’ll be screening cult-favorite Labyrinth as part of the 2022 Festival of Animated Objects. 

Of course, this won’t be your typical movie night – oh no! 

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Instead of taking a seat in a theatre nearly an hour outside the city – this David Bowie classic will be shown drive-in style on the Nanton Grain Elevators.

From the comfort of your own vehicle, shove your hand into some popcorn and enjoy while the stars light the sky above.

Tickets are on sale now but are going quickly, so check ’em out!


When: Friday, March 25th & 26th
Where: 2119 19 Avenue, Nanton
Time: 8 pm
Cost: $40 /per car