People if you’ve been (re)dreaming of sands and oceans all summer long, we’ve got some amazing news for you. You can now enjoy serious beach bar vibes right here in Calgary, thanks to 17th Ave’s newest resident, Drinks & Such.

The cocktail and snacks bar recently opened doors to the public with a glam opening. And they sure live up to their promise of being a “chic destination for great food, late night drinks & entertainment.”

The resto-bar is quite literally a tropical paradise in the heart of the city. Think Mediterranean beach bars and South American super clubs. And while they do not have the oceanfront, they definitely have the cocktails and snacks to make up for it.


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Let’s talk about drinks first. The bar has quite a selection of wines, champagnes and local and international beers. The highlight, however, is their extensive menu of house-made, handcrafted cocktails. The peacock, the jungle bird and the classic Pina Colada are topping our list of new faves currently.

Coming to the “Such,” aka the cuisine. It’s largely Mediterranean and Mexican with innovative American and Italian influences. Expect to see appetizers like the halloumi cheese frit, the steak tartare and mango chicken tacos (all amazing btw).

drinks & such 17th ave
via Drinks & Such

The entrees too are to die for. The chorizo pizza, grilled rainbow trout, AAA striploin steak and chorizo rigatoni turned out to be our faves.

And if you think these sound drool-worthy, wait till you see the desserts. The churros and the D&S tres leches cake, in particular, taste like pieces of heaven in your mouth.

 As if the tropical vibes, the insane drinks and the great grubs weren’t alluring enough, the bar also hosts features night on weekends. And their weekends start on Thursday. Here’s what their weekend entertainment looks like—

  • Thursdays – SUNSET IN TULUM featuring DJ & SAX DUO
  • Fridays – Friday nights in MYKONOS featuring a DJ & VIOLIN DUO player
  • Saturdays – Love & RnB Saturdays featuring local celebrities, DJ AMANTE & PRIYA

For anyone hoping to be transported to a tropical beach without having to spend tons on tickets, Drinks & Such is the place to be! 


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Where: 1406 17 Ave SW, Calgary