Being able to take one object and turn it into something else is practically a superpower. This is why we’re a huge fan of independent e-commerce sites like Etsy, who this week, presented a series of awards for originality and innovation.

To our delight, Calgarian trio Adrian Pool, Martinus Pool, and Anne Tranholm (Adrianmartinus), actually won the $15,000 US grand prize; but we bet that you’ll never guess who the deciding vote came from!

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Etsy trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson and the Hollywood icon Drew freaking Barrymore voted for the Albertan group after seeing their out-of-this-world store, which featured items like jewelry, artwork, and home decor made out of recycled skateboards.

The item that really sealed the deal though? a $5,500 CDN mid-century modern style credenza.

“This piece is so beautiful and at first glance, you would never know that it’s actually made out of recycled skateboards — how cool is that?” Barrymore said in a release.

If you’d like to see their store for yourself, check out their page here, heck – maybe even consider buying the fancy Adrianmartinus credenza for yourself.

Honestly, what’s fancier than a credenza? Nothing, that’s what! Very ‘grown-up chic’