Chinook Mall’s newest addition will have you forever in sweat pants, hair tied even long after COVID is good and gone. Drake’s luxe streetwear line, OVO is opening its 6th retail store here in Calgary, and no, we will not apologize for any future song references we may or may not make. It just feels so right… kind of like the fabric that he uses to make their hoodies.

Seriously, we’re not one to get hyped for celeb-owned anything, but OVO is mint. Their sweaters are actually pretty cozy, and they’re not terrible on the eyes.

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Of course, if you’re the die-hard H&M sweat pant type, then spending $118 on a pair might sound ridiculous, but over the last few months, we’ve all come to realize the true value of a good zip up. Also, people have definitely spent more money on worse things.

Either way, whether you plan on dropping a couple of bucks on his owl threads or not, it still might be worth popping in when it opens.

Unfortunately, there is not an official launch date for the new 2,300 square foot space, but we do know it’ll be kiddie corner to the Louis Vuitton store on the first level of the mall. We’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on this one though!

Until then,  keep your eyes peeled for signage and any reno’s, and stay safe out there!


When: TBA
Where: 6455 Macleod Trail, Calgary