We’re nearing the end of September, which means you are sorted with the basic dorm room essentials. This also means that, by now, you’ve realized that your dorm room is nothing like your room at home in both, good and bad ways. And we are here to take care of the latter (to some extent).

So, we put together this list of 20 dorm room essentials that will make your room a comfy place with a somewhat homely vibe. And they are all under $40. From coffee makers and noodle bowls to pillows and rugs to that of shelves and storage solutions, we’ve got you covered all the way. Take a look—

Sleek Coffee Maker 

Coffee Maker, Amazon, Dorm Room Essentials
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This sleek coffee maker can make up to 12 cups at a time, will save space and help with those long nights of studying and partying. And also the mornings after.

Cost: $36.82

French Press

French Press, Amazon
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This olive-coloured french press is for when you simply want to enjoy a nice cup of your fave coffee. And also, if the Coffee Maker isn’t making the cut.

Cost: $19.74

Microwave Noodle Bowls with Lid & Phone Holder

Microwave Noodle Bowl, Amazon, Dorm Room Essentials
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This microwave noodle bowl will ensure that no ramen craving goes unsatisfied. Plus, you can continue Netflixing as you eat with the phone holder.

Cost: $25.99

Multi-use Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp, Amazon
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It is rechargeable, doubles up as a stationary holder, has five different light and brightness modes AND looks good. Basically, it has just about everything a desk lamp should have.

Cost: $16.98

Portable Clip-On Fan

Portable Fan, Amazon, Dorm Room Essentials
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Talking from experience, this is a nifty little invention that comes in handy in more than just the dorm. And this one comes with LED lights, hanging hooks and 3 different speeds.

Cost: $24.99

Expandable Desktop Shelf

Expandable desk shelf, Amazon
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This expandable shelf can be used for books but it can also be used to put any other stuff you may need including your devices, plants or anything else.

Cost: $33.99

Bed Rest Pillow

Bed Rest Pillow, Amazon
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Read, Netflix or simply chill whatever be your activity for the day (or night), this cozy and comfy pillow will go a long way.

Cost: $37.99

Large Under Bed Storage

Under bed storage, Amazon, Dorm Room Essentials
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Why waste all precious closet space with stuff we love to have but don’t use on a regular basis? Put it in this large under-bed storage that is not an eye sore either.

Cost: $33.99

Clip-on Universal Bed-Shelf

Clip-on bed shelf, Amazon,
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A shelf to put stuff on is something everybody needs. Whether it is soda and a pizza slice or your devices or anything else this bed-shelf has you covered.

Cost: $38.65

Bedside Caddy

Bedside Caddy, Amazon, Dorm Room Essentials
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If the shelf isn’t working for you and you need a bit more organization and sorting in life, you might want to consider this bedside caddy.

Cost: $17.99

Foldable Storage Ottoman Cube

Foldable storage ottoman, Amazon
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Throw in mags or half-eaten packs of Cheetos or whatever else in this cute little ottoman that can easily triple up as a coffee table or a seat.

Cost: $24.99

Plushy Fluffy Area Rug

Area Rug. Amazon, Dorm Room Essentials

This is purely for the homely vibe and a little bit for the aesthetic too, especially if you’re matching it with your sheets and curtains. Plus, it’s nice to sit on.

Cost: Starting at $18.99

Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains, Amazon, Dorm Room Essentials
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“I love waking up to the killer early morning sun,” said no one ever, especially after pulling an all-nighter. And these blackout curtains will ensure soothing mornings.

Cost: $27.99

No-pressure Eye Mask & Ear Plugs

Eye Mask and Ear Plugs, Amazon, Dorm Room Essentials
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While the curtains sure can block the sun, they can’t stop annoying roommates from turning the lights on and making noise. So, having an eye mask and earplugs is crucial.

Cost: $11.99

Slim Utility Cart

Slim Storage Cart, Amazon
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It’s a cart. Use it for whatever you want. And since it’s a slim one, it can easily double up as a nightstand to hold everything you need for your shut-eye ritual.

Cost: $32.99

Over-the-door Hanging Shelf

Over-the-door shelf, Amazon
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Put this over-the-door shelf on your room door so you can put your scarves, coats, hats and keys in a place where they are easy to grab and go.

Cost: $35.99

LED Mirror + Digital Clock

Digital Clock Mirror, Amazon
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If you’re anything like us, your reflex is to look up instead of on your phone every time you need the time. Hence, this digital clock. Plus, it doubles up as a mirror. And there are never too many of them.

Cost: $21.99

Shower Caddy

Shower Caddy, Amazon, Dorm Room Essentials
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Shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, shaving creams, razors and whatever else is part of your shower paraphernalia, this caddy can hold it all.

Cost: $23.99

Tower Power Bar (Desk Charging Station)

Tower Power Charging Station, Amazon
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Of all the dorm room essentials, this one is the most important. Especially if not having enough sockets is your big beef with your dorm room.

Cost: $27.99

LED Photo Clip String

LED photo clip-on string, Amazon, Dorm Room Essentials
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Whether you want to fill your room with memories past or those that you make as you go, this LED photo clip string had enough clips to hold them all.

Cost: $15.99

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