Who runs the world? Girls!

Who doesn’t love a feel-good story?  In the spirit of International Women’s Day, DoorDash is spotlighting four Canadian women-owned restaurants available on the platform.  These women are serving up delicious bites and inspirational advice for their fellow women in business. 

“As a female entrepreneur I am constantly inspired by the women-owned businesses and women restaurateurs available on DoorDash” shared Shilpa Arora, General Manager of DoorDash Canada. “ From delicious tapas to chicken and waffle sliders, you can celebrate International Women’s Day with delicious local dishes created by women, all from the comfort of your home!”

Check out their stories, and give their local dishes a try next time you order in!

Sugar Kane 

Where: Toronto
Owner: Nicky, Renée and Donnaole Charles 

SugarKane is a mouth-watering taste of the Caribbean with sweet and spicy flavours and a big bold Cajun kick!

Nicky Charles offers this advice to other women in business:

“Embrace authenticity, and stay true to yourself and your beliefs. Authenticity builds trust with customers and employees. Also, remember that you don’t need to do everything alone. Find someone that can work with you, someone you can trust that believes in your goal and shares your passion. Alleviating some of the workload makes a huge difference in your mental and physical health.”

OMG Cafe 


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Where: Toronto
Owners: Ana Conçalves & Hondina Silva

This place is a Cafe by day, with Tapas by night. From baked goodies to delicious tapas, the menu was inspired by the Chefs’ home countries, Brazil and Portugal. It’s a Latin-Mediterranean fusion with a slight Canadian twist.

Ana Conçalves and Hondina Silva, share a simple yet powerful message:

“Follow your dreams and your passion until you see that accomplished!” 

Arthurs Nosh Bar 

Where: Montreal
Owner: Raegan Steinberg

This restaurant is a tribute to Raegan’s beloved father and it’s quickly become a go-to destination for Montreal’s foodies seeking out good, honest food.

Raegan Steinberg offers this wisdom to her fellow female entrepreneurs:

“Trust your gut instincts, usually your initial feeling is the right one. Be open to hearing others’ opinions but don’t let it sway you. If you’re feeling scared or nervous it’s normal and it just means you’re doing something new and exciting. The hard work will eventually pay off either through success or experience”

Flavours Restaurant

Where: Calgary
Owner: Adebola Esan

What started as a small catering business on the side has become the beloved Nigerian restaurant that Calgarians know and love. With a focus on good food and bold flavours, you’ll feel right at home with every bite.

This is what Adebola Esan had to say:

“Stay focused, choose quality over quantity, persevere, appreciate your team, and take care of yourself. ”

Who else is hungry?