We don’t know about you, but we have absolutely crushing delivery these past few months. So, we needed to take a look a the DoorDash Food Trends list. The list covers everything you’d want to know- top foods, rising stars, and some amazing facts about unique orders.

First the big stuff. The top food item in America so far in 2020 has been, drumroll please, the humble fried chicken sandwich. That’s followed by mac and cheese and then some spicy shrimp tacos. Hey, we’ll take any of those on a ‘treat yourself’ lunch day.

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doordash top food items

As for Canada, the top three were burrito bowls, butter chicken, and poutine. And we’ll be honest here- we’re kind of leaning towards American taste now that summer has rolled around. One thing is clear though, people definitely want comfort food more than healthy options.

We don’t blame them. And as for those weird orders? Well, how do you feel about the fact that somebody just balled out on $2500USD of Mediterranean chicken, veggies, and cheese plates? Or, you could focus on rising food trends, which is being absolutely dominated by… oatmeal.

That’s right, your grandparents’ favourite breakfast dish has soared roughly 1700% in demand this year. Any higher demand and old Mr. Musk might want to get in on that! Maybe 2020 is the year we become oatmeal barons.

If you’d like to check out the DoorDash Food Trends list in full, just click here!