Alright, so let us be clear. We’re like 99.9% sure that – as they state on their site – this is just a campaign launched in the hopes of appealing to a younger demographic. However, we can’t help but fear the big wigs know something that we don’t. Don’t freak out, but CDC has a Zombie Preparedness web page and no – we’re not joking.

Like all of you, we laughed at first. Heck, we even thought this was a great idea… but upon shuffling through the horror movie Rolodex that lives rent-free in our minds, that admiration became concern. We’ve seen this one before.

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Not only have they released an entire graphic novel, but you can also purchase posters and keep connected with their blog.

From a complete history of zombies to emergency kit how-tos this page has it all and kids are apparently super into it – which is great!

We’re happy that littles are engaged in learning about how to prepare for a natural disaster, but you know what they say. “It’s all tongue-in-cheek until someone’s cheek is on your tongue.”

To read more on ‘zombie preparedness,’ visit the CDC official website here and remember, to stay cautious! Not hoard toilet paper, clear out convenient stores cautious, but aware and educated… for you never know what could happen in the Twilight Zone that is 2021.