What in the actual heck did we do to deserve Dolly? From films and music to TV shows and charitable acts, the Queen of Country has done everything with style and grace. She’s made the world a little better than she found it, and she’s doing so one song, one production, and one book at a time! In participation with the Calgary Public Library, Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library has just launched a new program that will put literature in the hands of YYC kids for free! So we ask once more… what did we do to deserve her?

My First Bookshelf is a brand new initiative that the library hopes will promote family reading as a way to connect, bond, learn together!

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Every month, kids 0 to 5 can receive a personalized book, totally free to keep, building the foundation for a growing collection of literature!

In order to apply to be apart of the program and get your child a free book, parents must have a library card and will be identified by their postal code. Now, as this is a brand new program, this year, the CPL will only register 2,000 families but they hope to expand to 90k in the future so keep an eye out!

If you have a nugget under 5, but don’t have a library card all you have to do is apply here! It’s totally free and will give you access to events and other forms of entertainment. It’s totally worth it, but how could it not be? With a dream team like Dolly Parton and the Calgary Public Library, it’s sure to be great!