Remember when you’d walk into the dollar store and things were around $1? Well, times are changing… And so are dollar store prices. Because Dollarama is now planning on selling items for up to $5.

Gone are the $1 days… well, almost.

According to a company update, it has been “navigating the ebb and flow of the pandemic’s impacts on retailers and consumer shopping patterns and in the context of supply chain and inflationary pressures.”

But they also add that they’re in “a complex and volatile environment as we enter Fiscal 2023,” despite opening over 30 new stores in Canada at the end of last year, and opening its seventh warehouse.

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So looking into next year, the company said it will gradually roll out additional price points up to $5, which they also say is “consistent with its multi-price point strategy in place since 2009.”

“Over time, this will enable the Corporation to maintain and enhance its broad product assortment and compelling value,” they add.

We’re not sure what this all means for their name… or all their signs.

How about “Fivedollarama”?