If you’re an avid social media user like us, you probably saw “Cremsiffino” creating a viral frenzy among our American friends down south last year. Well, Cremisffino is BACK and finally available for Canadians to join in the fun this holiday season!

Everyone loves surprises and holiday surprises are even better. And let’s be honest you can’t do the holidays without a little mischief. Smirnoff knows this better than anyone and this year, they have “partnered” with home brand Cremsiffino to release an unassuming gift box to surprise your quarantine-bound friends and family with! (Who are over the legal drinking age, of course!) Bonus points to you if you know what an anagram is and figured out the branding… Aren’t you so smart?!


The best part is that right now you can WIN a Cremsiffino gift box!! To enter, just hit up @smirnoffca and comment on their post to enter for a chance to win a gift box to give to a family member or friend! That’s it! They’ll think they’re getting some sweet slippers and you get to keep the internet’s favorite prank going!

Smirnoff has always been a huge supporter of having a good time with your buds, so we’re glad to see them bringing some much-needed fun to our home and native land this year.

So, step up your holiday gift game with an unexpected and hilariously fun surprise! We bet this will quickly become a household war, but we all need some cheering up this year and some friendly competition is the perfect medicine! Plus who doesn’t love some healthy competition? We do, so cheers to the holidays!