It might be a little early for it, but Disney is already thinking about Halloween. Well, at least when it comes to the return of their cruises. The ‘Halloween on the High Seas’ Disney Cruise, which takes place next October, will be the company’s first official return to Canadian waters in over two years.

As a refresher, the Government of Canada announced a couple of weeks ago that the ban on cruises would be lifted this November, but with the understanding that they would follow whatever restrictions are in place at the time. Even still, the earliest major cruise we could find was for May next year, so we think they’re playing it safe.

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Anyway, this Disney Cruise lasts for 6 nights and features a stop in Bar Harbor, Maine before heading to Atlantic Canada. During that stretch, the ship will stop in Saint John, New Brunswick as well as Halifax, Nova Scotia. We won’t lie- seeing the fog rolling into the Maritimes would have us feeling like Ichabod Crane, which is perfect for a Halloween cruise.

Prices start at $3,172 USD for 2 guests. Geeze, we honestly forgot just how expensive cruises were there for a second. Even still, we’re sure the Disney fans out there will more than get their money’s worth when they’re hamming it up with a Halloween-themed Mickey Mouse.

For more information on Disney Cruises coming back to Canada, head over to their website.