While it’s still cheaper than cable, having multiple streaming subscriptions can add up quick. So, Disney+ joining the wave of ad-supported subscription isn’t the most mind-blowing announcement ever. But, the media giant could become the first major player in Canada to do it.

In a recent press release, Disney+ said the introduction of a lower-price, ad-supported subscription is a win for ‘everyone’. Of course, the option will exist alongside the other, ad-free price points, just in case you don’t want to watch a shampoo commercial while you binge watch The Mandalorian or the entire Pixar lineup.

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Currently, the plan is to launch the option in the US later this year, and if that goes well, it will come to ‘international’ markets in 2023. The option isn’t exactly new to the states (Hulu, which is a subsidiary of Disney, and HBO Max both offer similar packages). But, it would be the first major name in Canada to offer the tradeoff.

Details about the new offering will be announced ‘at a later date’, and we’ll make sure to keep you updated when it happens!