Ah, Alberta. The mountains, the lakes, the people and food. Banff National Park, especially, is one of the province’s most beloved tourist destinations. From their quaint little town, the hot springs, and the beautiful backdrop of the park, this place is universally enjoyed, even twice over. Unfortunately, if you live in the area, you may feel like you’ve almost seen everything there is to see, but we’re here to tell you, that this might not be the truth! Did you know the Banff also has a $2 million dollar outhouse?

This lavish loo is what some may call an ‘unusual’ attraction, but we’re all about this kind of thing. When we heard that the beautiful town, with its high-end hotels and next to perfect landscaping, will be paying off a freaking bathroom, of all things, for the next 500 years, we had to share. (We also aren’t sure on the math on that one, but the eye-popping number was enough for us to keep digging).

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So what exactly makes this rest stop so freaking expensive? Well, in short, it’s green as heck. This bad boy is all sorts of eco-friendly.

The state of the art ‘facility’ has solar panels, and is decorated in what people have been calling ‘funky eco-art’.  Fancy.

The only thing that really stinks about this place, ya’ know, other than it’s the insane price tag, is that it’s only open for a few months out of the year. Surprisingly, during the winter, no one is allowed to place an icy cheek on any seat in the mountain throne room. If this is true, this may have been a waste of money… no?

Anyway. Next time you’re looking for a nice spot to take a tinkle in the summer, it certainly wouldn’t hurt if the $2 million dollar outhouse of Banff was the place you did it. Enjoy!


Where: Lake Minnewanka Scenic Drive, Banff, AB, Canada