9 times out of 10, size doesn’t matter – but the Daniel-Johnson Dam is in a league of its own.

Located in Quebec’s administrative region of Côte-Nord, this absolute beast of a structure was built to hold back the Manicouagan Reservoir which actually was created by a giant meteorite over 214 million years ago.

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Measuring 1,940 square kilometres, this ring-shaped pool is in one of the worlds oldest and largest impact craters and is readily identifiable from space, according to NASA.

For this reason, something out of this world was thought necessary and in the 1960s, the world’s largest arch-and-buttress dam was built.

With enough concrete to build a sidewalk from the North Pole to the South Pole, the Daniel-Johnson Dam is one of a kind and those in the area are even able to take a FREE tour.

During this tour, you’ll “go back in time” to learn about the historic job site and explore it up close and personal – an interesting reminder of just how tiny we humans really are in the grand scheme of things.


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“Walking within my arches, at my foot or on my crest is thrilling and inspires great pride. Come discover me in the company of my guides, who are known for their extensive knowledge and engaging tours,” it reads on their website.

In the area and interested in checking it out? Slip into a pair of comfortable shoes and enjoy! You’re in for two long, perspective-inducing hours. After all, there’s literally nothing else like it on planet Earth.

Daniel-Johnson Dam, Quebec

Where: Rivière-aux-Outardes, Manicouagan Regional County Municipality, QC, Canada