Cycle Saloon Seattle Party Boat Tours

Every summer you probably find yourself wishing that you knew someone with a boat. And this summer, you can be that person thanks to Cycle Saloon Booze Cruise Tours. It’s the ultimate BYOB experience for you and your friends. You’ll get to cruise around Lake Union and take in the city sights on a custom-built 14 passenger cycle boat.

What’s Included

  • 14 seats aboard a passenger pedal-powered boat
  • A designated driver
  • Views of Lake Union and Seattle

What To Expect

The Booze Cruise Tour is a private, BYOB experience. That makes it a perfect birthday party, celebration, or work event.  Whatever the case may be, you and your friends will all need to bring an ID and agree to the boat terms. Basically, that means being respectful and following boat safety rules. Keep in mind that these boat rides are weather dependant so if the lake gets super stormy, you might have to reschedule.