Happy Giving Tuesday, folks!

If you are unaware of what that is, or if it’s just dawning on you that Giving Tuesday is here, you aren’t alone. Crossroads International wants to share how they are marking the day, and how you can have an impact too.

To give you some background — Giving Tuesday is a global movement of generosity celebrating giving in all forms and sizes that happens every year on November 29th, and it all began in Canada in 2012. Each year, we are all encouraged to do good, and this year, we are spotlighting a Canadian non-profit close to home, Crossroads International.

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Crossroads International is an organization supporting women’s welfare in sub-Saharan Africa. They work to advance and promote equality for women and girls and eradicate poverty in the world’s most vulnerable communities.

The organization is currently working to aid in preventing gender-based violence against elderly women in Ghana who are accused of being witches. And they need our support.

Crossroads Giving Tuesday

Crossroads is on a mission to raise $10,000 for action against this violence. And your donations will go a long way in achieving this goal.  Thanks to a generous match provided by an anonymous donor, your gift will go twice as far.

The donations will be used to fund safe spaces known as “witch camps”, and will provide food kits and fund programming for survivors of violence.

While individual and recurring donations are ways to support the organization, there are other ways to get involved and create change. You can contribute to their women empowerment projects and programs by partnering, advocating and even volunteering with them.

Check out Crossroads International’s website below to learn more about them and their work, to make a gift, or find volunteering opportunities.

Crossroads Giving Tuesday

Let’s make this happen Canada!