From Waterton to Banff, there are some pretty incredible places to picnic, lounge or take photos in Alberta and Crescent Falls is one of them. Unfortunately, you’ll only have a few more weeks to delight your peepers before the area closes for the year.

According to Alberta Parks, the Crescent Falls recreational area will be closed from June 1st, 2023 until June 2024 as contractors enlarge parking areas, upgrade access roads, install a new pedestrian trail to the lower day-use area, install additional toilets and upgrade safety features throughout the recreational area.

During this time, heavy machinery will occupy the park and in order to keep people safe, they’ve decided to block things off.

“Forestry, Parks and Tourism wants to complete the project as efficiently as possible,” they explain. “The contractor needs to be able to work without keeping track of the public in the area”

Access to Crescent Falls will be gated at Highway 11 and crews will monitor the area in partnership with Conservation officers to enforce the area under the Provincial Parks Act so don’t pull anything risky, folks!

“As there is only one way to access the falls, there is no safe way to phase the construction of the project,” they wrote.

If however, you don’t mind seeing things from a different angle, the east viewing area of Crescent Falls, Alberta (located on the county road) will remain open along with alternative parking and staging areas throughout the David Thompson Corridor.

Until next year, folks! Maybe check out one of these amazing waterfalls in lieu of this one! There are so many things to see and you won’t want to waste a minute while the sun’s out.

Enjoy and as always, stay safe out there, Alberta!