No doubt about it, orcas are the apex predators of the ocean. Of course, they’ve held that title since it was discovered that they hunt sharks, but it’s nice to get a reminder. And yesterday, we got one from a Vancouver Island-based whale watching company.

Five Star Whale Watching posted on Instagram two photos of an orca absolutely punting a seal. Apparently, these guys were from a local pod named ‘T10’. And before you ask, yes, this is a legitimate hunting technique they use.

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In fact, the most popular video of this happening also comes from the coastal waters of BC. We guess that we’ve just got some super-smart killer whales chilling in our neck of the woods. Hey, they’ve never killed a human in the wild, so we think we’ve got something going with them.

At least we hope we do after this reminder. What do we need to do to appease you, orcas? We’ll put more prominent branding on our sports team in deference, all you have to do is ask.

Enjoy the day, folks!