It’s not a fad. It’s not a buzzword. Supporting small, local businesses is a conscious choice we make every day. So of course we would do the same with our holiday shopping. Thankfully, there are stores like Crafted Goods making us fall in love with them and our loved ones fall in love with us.

For the uninitiated, Crafted Goods is a Calgary-based boutique store. They house hand-crafted everything from local artisans. Think of it as a platform for local vendors to showcase and sell their unique collections.

Crafted Goods

Naturally then, Crafted Goods has an extensive range of collectables to choose from. Trust us, when we say extensive, we aren’t exaggerating.

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You’ll find home décor items, fine jewellery, beauty and skincare products, clothes for men, women and little cuties, planters, stickers, games (PHEW!!) and a lot more.

You’ll find something for almost all the personalities on your list. Be it the classy kinds or the quirky kinds or anyone in between. And you’ll find them adorable, one-of-a-kind gifts. So, gear up for some extra love and popularity coming your way.

Crafted Goods


And goes without saying… you will snag a few goodies for yourself. It is the holiday season for you too!

We’ll admit, their amazing collection sure is the real deal. But what makes for an epic holiday shopping experience is their cute-meets-chill vibe and their warm service. Plus, you can leisurely browse (the OG kinds, not the clicking kinds) through the store uncovering gems at every corner.

Crafted Goods

You can visit them at their Glenmore Landing location to see their full product lineup, or at their Calgary Farmers’ Market South or West locations for a quick stop. Or if you’d rather get clicking, check out their website below.

Clearly, great holiday gifts do come in small (and local) packages!


Glenmore Landing – #130 1600 – 90 Av SW, Calgary

Calgary Farmers’ Market South – 510 77 Avenue SE, Calgary

Calgary Farmers’ Market West – 25 Greenbriar Dr NW, Calgary