Well, dam. We didn’t see this duo coming! A beaver and a coyote were spotted in downtown Calgary recently, and their interaction seemed almost… friendly? As shared by CBC, photographer Caillie Mutterback shot videos and photos of the pair Thursday evening, posting it to Twitter Friday afternoon.

A beaver appears to be chilling in the river at Prince’s Island Park. Then, a coyote walks up and paws at the rodent playfully. He circles the beaver and wags his tail, barking excitedly, until the beaver decides enough is enough. He finally snaps, lunging at the coyote, and the dog runs away briefly before returning to demand attention. It seems like the coyote is trying to make friends to us, but hey. Maybe he was just hungry.

coyote beaver calgary

Caillie told CBC that she was exploring the wilderness of Prince’s Island Park when she saw the animals. Spotting the beaver, she snapped pictures and crossed her fingers the coyote wouldn’t bother the little guy. Well, wish not granted, we guess– but things definitely could’ve ended worse!

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