Big news for festival lovers! A popular outdoor venue is getting a new life and will soon be the home of a major Stampede staple.

According to the City of Calgary, the inner city spot, previously known as Millennium Park, has been renamed to honour a 10-year naming and sponsorship agreement with Cowboy’s Dancehall.

Aptly called Cowboys Park, the popular space will begin hosting its Stampede adjacent music festival starting in 2025 and will help “revitalize the area.”

“As a local business, Cowboys has proudly operated in Calgary for 28 years,” the city wrote.

“Cowboys Dance Hall and Cowboys Music Festival have hosted guests from around the globe and showcased local, national and international world-renowned artists – across all genres – on the Cowboys Stage.”

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Located a short distance from the Downtown West – Kerby LRT station, Cowboys Park is home to Canada’s largest outdoor skate park, climbing boulders, sunny day events, and will continue to be upgraded and improved next year,

“The evolution of Cowboys Park and the planned infrastructure improvements will ensure that this space remains a dynamic and accessible destination,” said Mayor Jyoti Gondek.

“Providing an event-ready space reflects our commitment to a downtown that thrives year-round, offering Calgarians and visitors alike a place to connect, enjoy, and experience the best of our city’s arts and cultural offerings.”

In the meantime, happy Stampeding, Calgary.

Your concert-going experience will be a little different next July, but we’re sure it’ll be bigger and even better than this year!