Spend hours at the test centre, isolate, endure the long wait! That’s been the standard sequence of events for Vancouverites over the past two years every time we so much as sneeze. But thanks to MyZone Health, we don’t have to go through this otherwise unavoidable (and excruciatingly annoying) routine.

The local Vancouver-based brand launched their Boson Rapid Antigen Test kit for COVID-19 to combat the shortage in BC. And in the process, they made it super simple to get your hands on the test kits without having to burden your wallets.

If you’ve tried to get your hand on the COVID-19 rapid test kits over the past few months, you’d know it hasn’t been an easy feat. While stores are steadily running out of them, online marketplaces are demanding hundreds of dollars for a single test kit. So, it came as quite a relief when we came across MyZone Health’s special promo that allows us to get a test kit for as little as $7.

With quite a few restrictions being loosened up ahead of the Family Day weekend, these affordable test kits seem to have come at just the right time.

The antigen test is just as easy to use as it is to purchase. The kit comes with a step-by-step guide and takes 20 minutes (or less) to get your result. So, you can save yourself the unnecessary isolation or save others the risk of exposure.

The kits include 20 tests and have an accuracy of 97.48%. So, you can rest assured that your test result will be accurate.

Here’s where things get even better − MyZone Health currently has a major sale, 20 test kits are now $139.99 instead of the original $249.99 tag. This brings the price/test down from $12 to $7. Want an ever better deal? You can use code MZ5 at check out for an extra 5% off. They even promise to ship your package out the very next day. Shipping is FREE for all orders.

You don’t want to wait too long to stock up on some, the sale won’t last long! Head to MyZone Health website for more details.