Oh, Vancouver. The city we love at all times, despite the continuous rise of the cost of living. This is our home. And just like everything else around us, our city is getting quite expensive. But just how much does it cost to live alone in Vancouver?

According to data by Moving Waldo, the current cost per month is roughly $2,855.40. Yikes. And the majority of that cost goes towards rent or housing. Let’s break down the cost as per the data they provided.

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Total cost for renting: $2,021

Now, depending on the neighbourhood you choose, rent could be $1,750 a month for a one-bedroom in South Granville, or as high as $2,446 a month downtown (possibly even as high as $2,640 according to the latest rentals.ca report!). The average cost of $2,021 was calculated by averaging the rent across all Vancouver neighbourhoods for a one-bedroom apartment.

If you’re looking to reduce your rent, consider renting a studio unit. You could pay $1,300 a month in East Hastings, or as much as $2,013 a month downtown. For a lot of us, studio space in Vancouver is a tight squeeze at best – but we do what we got to do.

Total cost for utilities & home insurance: $149

When breaking down utility costs, there can be a lot to consider. Electricity, heating, water, garbage — some may be included in your rent, some might not. And everyone should have some home insurance. On average, they state that utilities and home insurance add up to $149 per month for a one-bedroom.

Total cost for transit: $102.55 for Translink’s monthly pass

For folks who want to avoid high car insurance rates, you can purchase a monthly pass from Translink for access to zones 1-3 of their buses, SkyTrains, and sea buses for $102.55 a month. Since there’s no mention of Uber rides in this average cost, we suggest budgeting around $60 for miscellaneous trips in case of emergencies.


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Total cost for food/dining: $227.35 for groceries

Sadly, this cost does not include restaurant dining. So if you were hoping to splurge on a couple more meals than usual this month, you’ll probably want to make them yourself.

Total cost for phone & internet: $80

There are a ton of different internet and phone packages across many providers to choose from – so be sure to do your research before committing! A general 60 Mbps connection with unlimited download averages at $80-85 a month.

Alternatively, if your landlord lumps together Internet with your utilities – the average utility price goes up from $296 a month to $388.

Total cost for entertainment: $215.50

Moving Waldo considers several areas to fall under ‘entertainment.’ Basically, if you visit 1 restaurant with friends, visit the cinema twice, take a taxi/Uber once, and eat out ~4 times a month, your average cost will be around $215.50.

Total cost for health and fitness: $55-60

In terms of personal care, a one-month fitness membership costs around $55-60 a month. As for healthcare – you’re covered under Canada’s universal healthcare. However, dentist and optometrist fees cost extra.

So, how much does it cost to live alone in Vancouver for a year?

Well, we’re looking at roughly $2,855.40 a month x 12 months, so that comes to $34,264.80 per year. Honestly, having a couple of roommates doesn’t sound so bad right now.

And no more fancy coffee drinks. Ever.