It’s not a surprise that the cost of living in Vancouver has risen since last year, but if you’re curious about how it all breaks down, read on. Numbeo has put together a comprehensive list of the costs of living in the city, and just like the majority of the country, things are getting quite pricey.

Curious how much it costs to live alone in Vancouver? Let’s dive right in.

Cost of living + rent

According to data by Numbeo, the current cost of living per month is roughly $1,573.70 – and that’s excluding rent.

Factor in an average of $2,814.69 per month for a one-bedroom apartment in the City Centre (or $2,306.32 outside of the centre), and you could easily spend close to $4k a month total, depending on where you live and your spending habits.

With an average monthly net salary (after tax) of $4,154.41, that doesn’t leave much room for saving, sadly.

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Basic utilities (for an 85m2 apartment)

When breaking down utility costs, there can be a lot to consider. Electricity, heating, water, garbage — some may be included in your rent, some might not. And everyone should have some home insurance. On average, they state that utilities and home insurance add up to $175.16 per month, with phone and internet plans (10GB of data) setting you back an average of $65.87 and $85.33 respectively.

The total average cost of basic utilities: $175.16

Total cost for transit: 

For folks who want to avoid high car insurance rates, you can purchase a monthly pass from Translink for access to zones 1-3 of their buses, SkyTrains, and sea buses for $189.45. Numbeo’s figure of $140 is valid for zones 1 and 2.

Restaurants & dining costs: 

The average cost for a meal out at an inexpensive restaurant in Vancouver is $25, or $120 for a three-course meal at a mid-range restaurant for two.

And if you’re someone who enjoys grabbing coffee on their walks or errand runs, the average price of a cappuccino is $5.47.

The average price of a 0.5 L of domestic beer at a bar or restaurant is $8.26.

Taking a look at last year’s breakdown, in 2023 the average monthly total for a single person was around $3, per month, a difference of $181.26 more per month in 2024.

The total cost of a restaurant meal for two: $120, or $60 for one.


While the list doesn’t give a total average cost of groceries, it does show the average cost of popular grocery list items. 1 litre of milk is shown as averaging $3.12, a loaf of white bread as $4.03, one kg of chicken costing $20.25, a carton of eggs as $5.83, and a kg of oranges as $5.22.

The total cost of groceries: will vary, but the item breakdown can be found here.


Fitness is a big part of many people’s lives in the city. In Vancouver, the average fitness club membership is listed at $57.54 per adult. And if you’d rather rent out a tennis court for an hour on the weekend, the average cost is $17.80 per hour.

So there you have it, Vancouver. While the cost of living sure isn’t pretty, we do live in a beautiful city. Here’s to hoping things take a turn for the better sooner rather than later.