Some dream of sugar plums, others dream of Genie but Coors’ newest beer ad wants you to dream…. of beer!

Commercials come and go and without a recognizable face and a solid punch line, a lot of the time they’re not all that memorable. This year, Coors is trying something totally different and also maybe a little invasive.

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With the help of Dr. Deirdre Barrett, a leading psychologist, author and dream expert, the beverage company has actually created an entire film meant to induce the viewer to visualize their product when you nod off into REM.

Now, though this sounds certifiably insane, apparently it actually works!

“I’ve studied dreams and methods to influence them throughout my career, but working with the creators of the Coors Dream Project was a novel opportunity to craft audio and visual stimuli that viewers could use to trigger specific dream content,” says Dr. Barrett. “We saw the results come to life in the Dream Lab trial run when participants reported similar dream experiences including refreshing streams, mountains, waterfalls and even Coors itself.” Wild right? 

To catch the eight-hour stimulus soundscape and film for yourselves, check out their website or social media here, on Wednesday, February 3rd – or check out their behind the scenes video now above!

Happy viewing, test subjects!