There’s nothing like rolling up your sleeves and diving into a round of spring cleaning – though we say that every successful clothing ‘purge’ warrants a little love for your closet in return. So if you’re a fan of scouring thrift stores for eye-catching vintage finds, consider this list a great place to start on your next slow fashion hunt. Here are 7 excellent thrift and consignment stores to check out in Vancouver.

Shop Collective Will 

This consignment store truly has all the pre-loved vintage wear and designer goods of your dreams and then some – and they accept Afterpay as a form of payment. So if you spot a pair of designer sunglasses or a statement piece that catches your eye, rest assured you can split the payments and still rock something new.

Where: 207 West Hastings Street, #1400

Mine & Yours

vancouver consignment stores
Photo via Mine & Yours Co.

While Mine & Yours’ specialty is vintage and designer handbags and sunglasses, make no mistake that there is a ton to discover here. Their new spring collection pays homage to Marie Antionette, so shoppers can expect to see plenty of flowy dresses, opulent accessories, pastel colours, and trending silhouettes this season.

Where: 1025 Howe Street and 2061 West 4th Avenue

Hunter & Hare 

Known for having both contemporary and vintage finds, Hunter & Hare is another fantastic option if you just want to browse through some consignment treasures at a moderate price point, or pick up a couple of accessories to adorn your spring wardrobe with.

Where: 225 Lonsdale Avenue and 227 Union Street


Next up is Mintage, which has been a staple in the city for over 15 years. Even after all this time, they’re still finding incredible pieces to sell across a variety of categories. Have a tiki night with some vintage dresses or a Hawaiian shirt, or find rare band tees!

Where: 1714 Commercial Drive

The Main Exchange

This women-owned business has a ton of luxury brand clothing and accessory options on the racks – most with the original tags still on! And yet, the prices are moderate, making this spot a fantastic option for popping in spontaneously and making a few purchases. And if you feel like perusing some more, there’s always Front & Company just next door.

Where: 3728 Main Street

Community Thrift and Vintage

We love Community and their ever-changing inventory and affordable prices. With a range of men’s, women’s and unisex items to check out, you’ll almost forget that their main goal is helping out the PHS Community Services Society.

Where: 311 Carrall Street & 11 West Hastings Street

Hey Jude

Hey Jude has incredible vintage basics alongside modern designers to sift through on your next slow shopping day. They’ve got a focus on tonal looks and easy-to-wear designs, making it as easy as ever to find something that fits your style. A pro tip for here? They’ve got some of the best prices of vintage denim in the city, when it’s not sold out.

Where: 315 Abbott Street