It looks like people around the globe have been keeping things pretty vanilla with all their extra time spent at home. Why’s that? Well according to The British Medical Journal, the global leader in condom manufacturing, Karex Berhad, has seen a 40% drop in sales over the last two years. Talk about going limp.

Instead of fueling people’s sex drive, the pandemic seems to have lowered it.

The BMJ and a meta-analysis of seven studies from around the globe published in the journal Sexologies concur on this idea. Despite having more free time, people’s worries eclipsed their desires. Sexologies confirms this stating “a decrease in sexual activity… indicates the impairment of the individuals’ quality of sexual life.”

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But there’s more to this issue than a decrease in hookups and spicy time at home. A large portion of sales were lost due to the closure of sexual health clinics. These clinics often handed out free condoms to patients. Sales were affected so much that Karex Berhad has to switch to making PPE items like rubber gloves.

It’s still early in the year but hopefully, things will look up for 2022. And on that note, it never hurts to stay protected.