Dancing, and full capacity!? If you’re not thinking about all the concerts that you can check out in Vancouver this March, then we don’t know what to say. Especially when there’s such a wide variety of genres coming to the city. Seriously, you’re in for a good time pretty much no matter what!

Here are 10 of the best concerts coming to Vancouver this March.

Luca Fogale

Why not kick things off with some local talent! Luca Fogale hails from Burnaby, but is quickly getting recognized for his beautiful voice and songwriting capabilities.

When: Friday, March 4th
Where: 3123 W Broadway
Cost: $20+


If you want to experience the new, we suggest Iglooghost. Repping, among other things, Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label, Iglooghost combines truly experimental music with a lore that is both gorgeous and confusing, much like the aesthetics of his concerts.

When: Sunday, March 6th
Where: 2755 Prince Edward Street
Cost: $16

Sierra Ferrell

Not to minimize her talent, but we’re more than happy to compare Sierra Ferrell to Orville Peck. A decidedly old school approach to the country genre is a much-needed breath of fresh air from the pop-country schtick. Pair that with great style and some serious pipes, and you’ll feel like you’re in a 50s honky-tonk.

When: Wednesday, March 9th
Where: 3123 W Broadway
Cost: Sold out, check verified resale sites

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A little bit of LA synthpop? Absolutely! Cannons has been around since 2013, offering up music that is perfect for a road trip or a day spent lounging by the pool. So, their Vancouver concert is, in our eyes, a fantastic way to kick off the spring!

When: Friday, March 11th
Where: 3123 W Broadway
Cost: $20+


We’d be fools not to include at least one high-energy EDM concert at Celebs this month. From the lineup, we’re leaning towards DROELOE, a Dutch producer that broadly falls into the ‘future bass’ genre, which is a great catch-all for EDM lovers, combining aspects of deep house, trance, and more.

When: Saturday, March 12th
Where: 1022 Davie Street
Cost: $24.50

Tommy Genesis

A Vancouver-born rapper, Tommy Genesis took the hottest cities on earth by storm with her unabashed lyrics and seriously good beat selections. She took a hiatus there for a couple of years, but released a new album last year, and she’s sounding as good as ever.

When: Wednesday, March 16th
Where: 147 E Pender Street
Cost: $17+

Nick Cave + Warren Ellis

Nick Cave is truly a man of many musical skills. Originally a leader in the post-punk and ‘gothic rock’ scenes, Cave has had a multi-decade career that ranges from original music to covers and collaborations to creating film scores (alongside Bad Seeds member Warren Ellis). When Wim Wenders say he’s a massive fan, you’re set for life, at least artistically.

When: Wednesday, March 16th
Where: 630 Hamilton Street
Cost: $55.50+


This Irish rock band is certainly on the up-and-up, having formed a few years ago and just releasing their debut album in 2019. As a fun bonus to the fact that the band is, you know, worth seeing, the music buffs out there might be curious to hear what Bono’s son sounds like.

When: Thursday, March 24th
Where: 868 Granville Street
Cost: $25+

Billie Eilish

That’s right, one of the biggest names in music is part of the lineup for concerts in Vancouver this March. Singer/songwriter Billie Eilish needs no real introduction, having taken the music world by storm while she was still, technically, a kid. Naturally, this one ain’t cheap to see, if you haven’t already bought tickets.

When: Thursday, March 24th
Where: 800 Griffiths Way
Cost: Sold out, check verified resale sites

There you have it, music lovers! Our top picks for the concerts we think you should see in Vancouver this March. Hope you get out to at least one!