Music lovers, we’ve got a lot to look forward to next month! There is no shortage of incredible concerts coming to Vancouver this July, and for practically every taste. We’re talking superstars, we’re talking legends, we’re talking free concerts and festivals… the list goes on!

Here are the best concerts coming to Vancouver this July.


One of the biggest names of the month is also the first up! Superstar Shawn Mendes will be playing at Rogers Arena, with a little support from Dermot Kennedy as the opening act.

When: July 2nd
Where: 800 Griffiths Way
Cost: $125+


No write up needed, really… if you like rap music, seeing the Wu-Tang Clan live should be a bucket list activity.

When: July 2nd
Where: 2901 E Hastings Street
Cost: $79+


What’s the “I’m yours” singer up to since the 2008 hit? Apparently, a lot. Jason Mraz’s soulful, folk-pop sound put him on the map – and he’s come a long way since his San Diego coffee shop days.

When: July 2nd
Where: 630 Hamilton Street, Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Cost: $57.12+


We’re using this concert as a way to remind you that the Vancouver International Jazz Fest is around the corner! So really, make a full day (or week) of free and ticketed options.

When: July 3rd
Where: 1300 Pacific Boulevard
Cost: Free!


This is the only concert on our list that has sold out (at time of writing). Makes sense though, Flight Facilities has got a beautiful and enduring sound.

When: July 6th
Where: 868 Granville Street
Cost: $68 USD+


Of all the dates for concerts in Vancouver this July, our two frontrunners had to land on the same one! 070 Shake will be performing alongside a bunch of other major names at the return of the FVDED In The Park Festival in Surrey. We loved the new album.

When: July 8th
Where: 13428 Old Yale Road, Surrey
Cost: $139.99+


Meanwhile, this psych-rock band (a theme this month) is swinging into town as well! Khruangbin can do no wrong, from original albums to curated playlists to collaborations. Go see them live if you feel the same way!

When: July 8th
Where: 2901 E Hastings Street
Cost: $49.50


Another free option, but this time as part of Khatsalano! Head down to 4th Ave to enjoy a full day of music, entertainment, and food, and soak up that summer weather.

When: July 9th
Where: W 4th Avenue
Cost: Free!


One of two concerts we were very surprised to hear about. Yes, we’re talking about one the originators of techno music as we know it, with their first album, Autobahn, coming out wayyyy back in 1974.

When: July 10th
Where: 601 Smithe Street
Cost: $39.50+


A nice little bit of indie music? Why not, and Fleet Foxes is the perfect option for a light night out on the town.

When: July 13th
Where: 630 Hamilton Street
Cost: $49.50+


Here’s the other surprise. To celebrate their Hall of Fame induction, The Zombies are going on tour! This band is arguably the birth of psych rock, and is absolutely a bucket-list name for anyone who is into the genre.

When: July 14th
Where: 868 Granville Street
Cost: $45+


The festival options keep coming! And Taj Mahal is our top pick for the ever-fun (and always beautiful) Vancouver Folk Music Festival this year.

When: July 15th
Where: 3941 Point Grey Road
Cost: $68.60+


Another absolute heavyweight in the EDM world is coming to Vancouver next month. If you don’t wanna dance it out to ‘Satisfaction’, then we don’t know what to say.

When: July 15th
Where: 1022 Davie Street
Cost: $44.50+


Hopping back into some psych-style music, Tash Sultana is among the lineup of Vancouver concerts this July! Relax and settle into summer with her soulful style.

When: July 16th
Where: 601 Smithe Street
Cost: $78+


Relive the glory days of the Vans Warped Tour. Billy Talent has long been a favourite (if a little guilty) band for rock fans in Canada and beyond.

When: July 18th
Where: 100 N Renfrew Street
Cost: $60.50+


Charli XCX walked so other hyperpop artists could run.And with a new album out, this is sure to be an incredibly energetic option next month.

When: July 21st
Where: 601 Smithe Street
Cost: $34.50+


Yup, the social enigma and rap powerhouse that is MGK is slated to perform at Rogers Arena on Saturday, July 23rd. Bust out your fake blood and misc Halloween decor a little early this year.

When: July 23rd
Where: 800 Griffiths Way
Cost: $50.85+


Last up, a little local talent! Felix Cartal is actually one of two concerts coming to The Cup, that annual high-class race coming to the Hastings Racecourse.

When: July 23rd
Where: 188 N Renfrew Street
Cost: $65+ for a day pass

There you have it, our roundup of the best concerts coming to Vancouver this July! Pick a couple, and go have a little fun next month.