Dancing, and full capacity!? If you’re not thinking about all the concerts that you can check out in Edmonton this March, then we don’t know what to say. Especially when there’s such a wide variety of genres coming to the city. Seriously, you’re in for a good time pretty much no matter what!

Here are some of the best concerts coming to Edmonton this March.

Chad VanGaalen and The Bleach Wipes

This Calgary-born musician has developed a cult following over years, not decades, and continues to put out high-quality music. It falls under the (very broad) indie rock genre, but it’s got that homemade/high-quality mix that you just know sounds great live.

When: Thursday, March 3rd
Where: 10030 – 102 Street
Cost: $25+

Barns Courtney

For a little more international flare, we’ve got someone from across the pond! Singer-songwriter Barns Courtney is a legitimately good example of the ‘boom clap’ music that took over the airwaves in the early 2010s but has kept a fresh sound with that backbone.

When: Tuesday, March 8th
Where: 10030 – 102 Street
Cost: $25+

Godspeed You! Black Emperor

A little post-rock, a little IDM… Godspeed You! Black Emperor is hard to define, but this Canadian band is a surefire option for a concert that has you really appreciating the sound.

When: Tuesday, March 15th
Where: 6240 99 St NW
Cost: $35+

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Even if we weren’t alive for the vast majority of their hits, we’re hit with a nostalgic wave for this iconic rock band. We can’t count how many times we played ‘Juke Box Hero’ on Rock Band, but the number is easily in the hundreds. As for as Edmonton concerts go this March, this is a wild pick.

When: Thursday, March 17th
Where: 300 East Lapotac Boulevard
Cost: $84+

Said the Whale

Said the Whale started out as surf-rock but has dipped its toes into many genres over the years. Coming out of Vancouver, it’s the perfect kind of sound you’ll want to hear ahead of the start of spring.

When: Friday, March 18th
Where: 10030 – 102 Street
Cost: $25+

Tommy Genesis

Another Vancouver name, but from a whole different world. Tommy Genesis rose to acclaim in the late 2010s with hard-hitting lyrics and production to match. There’s no doubt that her upcoming concert will energize the crowd in a, let’s say adult, way.

When: Saturday, March 19th
Where: 10030 – 102 Street
Cost: $17+


This list wouldn’t be complete without some true EDM. German producer Claptone has made his mark in a few different house genres, which we have to admit, is our favourite way to introduce people who ‘don’t like EDM’ to jumping around in a club for a few hours.

When: Saturday, March 20th
Where: 6240 99 Street NW
Cost: $30+


What’s an Edmonton concert list without some Edmonton talent!? First up is St.Arnaud, who strikes a balance of indie-folk stylings with, we’ll call it, more serious lyrics. It’s a fun contrast, and you’ll find yourself grooving just as often as you think “Sheesh, that’s a fun take”.

When: Wednesday, March 23rd
Where: 10030 – 102 Street
Cost: $10+

The Bobby Tenderloin Universe

We don’t know if post-country is a legitimate genre, but this band absolutely falls into it. The lead singer’s deep voice matches perfectly with the harmony, and the soundtrack behind it mixes traditional country sounds with some modern touches. We saw them open for Orville Peck a while back, and were immediate fans.

When: Thursday, March 24th
Where: 10030 – 102 Street
Cost: $10+


And finally, we’re going to throw in this Edmonton winter (now spring) music festival! Showcasing dozens of locals bands, singers, and comedians, this concert kicks off at the end of March and will run for over a week! There are too many good names to count, so just click the link above to see what’s up!

When: Starts Sunday, March 27th
Where: Venues around Edmonton
Cost: Varies

Ok music lovers, those are our top picks for the concerts you can enjoy in Edmonton this March! Hopefully a few of them are up your alley!