There’s nothing better than warm, filling food to lift your spirits. From pasta and cheese to soups and bread, some meals hug you from the inside – and today, we’re in need of an internal snuggle. Not sure where to go to get yours? Here are some of the best spots to get comfort food here in Calgary.

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Shiki Menya


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This is a staple spot for ramen in Calgary, folks. Open daily for lunch, these guys have some great options, but it’s the ‘Tonkotsu Black’ with squid ink and black garlic oil that we can’t resist. Basically, it’s the perfect fall noodle soup dish.

Where: 824 1 Ave NE, Calgary, AB
Instagram: @shikimenya

Moonlight and Eli 

Located on 1st Ave, Moonlight and Eli serves late-night fondue and champagne – and in our opinion, there’s nothing like some bread dipped in melted cheese to help you get through the chiller seasons. Check it out and enjoy.

Where: 627 1st Avenue Ne, Calgary
Instagram: @moonlightandeli

Redheads Japa Cafe

Not feeling ramen? How about some heartwarming Japanese food? Serving a variety of food, including curry and sandwiches. Redhead’s food is decadent, warm and full of flavour.

Where: 638 11th Avenue SW
Instagram: @redheadscafe

The Big Cheese Poutinerie

Cheese, gravy and mounds of fries? If that doesn’t scream comfort food, then nothing does. Big Cheese is Calgary’s favourite poutinerie. They’ve got tons of flavour combinations, their fries are perfect, and they’re quick!

Where: See locations here

Galaxie Diner


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This hole-in-the-wall diner is great for those days when you’re cold, hungover or a mix of both. Whether you’re getting the breakfast hash or an unlimited topping omelette, do not pass up on a table at Galaxie.

Where: 1413 11 Street SW
Instagram: @galaxiediner

Niko’s Pizza

Forget light slices and minimal cheese – these guys do not shy away from piling it ALL onto their already heavy Greek pies. May the lactose-sensitive, beware. 

Where: 1405 11 Street SW
Instagram: @nikosyyc

Jin Bar YYC 


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Serving fun Korean fried chicken, beer and pizza, comfort and quality are of the highest importance at Jin Bar – but, we wouldn’t expect anything less from Chef Jinhee Lee who was on both Top Chef Canada season 6 and the Food Network’s Wall of Chefs.

Where: 24 4 St NE Calgary, AB T2E 3R7
Instagram: @jinbaryyc

Moti Mahal

A Calgary institution, Moti Mahal does traditional East Indian cuisine, and they do it extremely well. If you’re not feeling like dining in, just grab some takeout instead. Who doesn’t like a little bit of butter chicken as they watch Netflix?

Where: 1805 14 Street SW
Instagram: @motimahal

Alumni Sandwiches


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With a cozy atmosphere, soups and sandwiches, Alumni is another place that serves far more than delicious bites. Here comfort is their game and we’ll happily lose to them every time.

Where: 725 17 Avenue SW
Instagram: @alumnisandwiches

Pat and Betty

Described as a Euro-Canadian-inspired eatery, Pat and Betty’s serves unapologetically indulgent food, full-body wines and “big-hearted service” – a combination of things that can do no wrong.

Where: 1217 1 Street SW, Calgary
Instagram: @patandbettys

Pie Junkie


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Pie Junkie is known for sweets, but its savoury pies are where it’s at when the forecast calls for gloom. We’d recommend their chicken pot pie, but they’ve got a ton to choose from so check ’em out!

Where: See location here
Instagram: @piejunkie

There you have it, 12 of the best spots to get comfort food here in Calgary. Happy eating, friends!