There are two types of people in the world. Literally everyone and Chelsea Handler. Yesterday was the comedy queen’s birthday but it was us who was given a gift. Though it didn’t come in the mail and wasn’t wrapped, Handler’s offering, a video filmed in Whistler, BC, was hilarious and pretty badass.

You want to get naked and glide down a hill in the dead of a Candian winter? Go, girl.

In the Instavideo below Chelsea Handler can be seen doing exactly that. Making the most of her 46th with a joint in one hand and what looks to be a margarita in the other.

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“It’s important to stay hydrated as well as relaxed, and it’s also important to celebrate your body no matter what age or size. This is 46 (with some peptides) and as I transition into a mountain woman,” she said in the caption. “I want to give a big shout out to the two countries I have the strongest ties to.” she continued.

“America could learn a lot from Canada and Canada has learned a lot from America, and I’m learning that no matter what country I’m in, I like to take my clothes off and smile.”

Now, before you get hot and bothered about an American celeb in Canada during COVID, the author, host, and stand-up comic has actually been in the mountain town for quite a while. She’s been hitting the slopes, hanging out in hot tubs, plugging her new special, Evolution, advocating for various charities and we could all take some notes if we’re being honest.

This is your reminder, Canada, to do good things, be wild and treat yourself every once in a while. You deserve it – even when it’s not your birthday.