Ontario’s blue lakes are one of a kind and absolutely picture-perfect. If you’re ready to explore the outdoors this summer and would love to be lakeside, here’s a list of the clearest and most stunning blue lakes in Ontario. And trust us, you’ll want to make a trip out of these.

We’re lucky to live in a province that is full of natural beauty – from the greenest of landscapes to the bluest of lakes.

Here’s a worthy list of blue lake sights you should have on your radar:

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Blue Lake Provincial Park

This park is renowned for its crystal clear waters and long sandy beaches, according to Ontario Parks.

The lake is described as “exceptionally clear” and as the name suggests, the water is a mesmerizing shade of blue.

Where: 1722 ON-647, Vermilion Bay

Crawford Lake

Another meromictic lake worth visiting is Crawford Lake in Halton.

This small, deep lake nestled in protected Niagara Escarpment land has been in the news lately for helping scientists discover some fascinating facts about Earth, reports The Washington Post.

Not only does it hold the key to valuable information, but it is also beautiful to look at thanks to its shimmering green, blue and turquoise waters.

Where: Crawford Lake Conservation Area, 3115 Conservation Road, Milton

McGinnis Lake

This unbelievably gorgeous and rare lake is located in Petroglyphs Provincial Park.

This lake shimmers with bright blue and green hues. It’s one of the very few meromictic lakes in Canada, where different layers of water don’t intermix, creating a mesmerizing sight.

Unfortunately, swimming is not allowed in McGinnis Lake to preserve its meromictic nature and scientifically significant sediment record.

Where: 2249 Northeys Bay Road, Woodview

Nellie Lake

Also located inside Killarney Provincial Park is the breathtaking Nellie Lake.

Nellie Lake is nestled among white quartzite landscapes and is so beautiful that A.Y. Jackson created a painting of it.

The waters are unbelievably clear and are perfect for a refreshing dip after a challenging hike and paddle.

Where: Killarney Provincial Park

Scarborough Bluffs

You don’t even have to leave the city to feast your eyes on this incredible view of the blue waters below, which all locals are familiar with but must admit that it never gets old.

The trails and lookout points at the Scarborough Bluffs are located in, well, Scarborough. And it’s super accessible via the TTC.

Where: 1 Brimley Rd S, Bluffers Park, Toronto